• Ice Hockey Subs

    Ice Hockey Subs

    Church St. Taphouse Division, Gladstone Brewing Division, Intermediate League
    2023/24, Winter 2023, Fall 2022, Winter 2022, Fall 2021

    Team Roster

    #PlayerPositionCVHL Waiver
    Jason SmithDefense, Forward
    Joel Herder – SUBGoalie
    Eric Roy – SUBDefense, Forward
    Kyle Van Kleek – SUBGoalie
    Stan Sereda – SUBGoalie
    Max Witthoeft – SUBDefense, Forward
    Alex Jalbert – SUBDefense, Forward
    Wilson Beebe – SUBGoalie
    Steve Vanetta – SUBForward
    Ryan Petersen – SUBDefense, Forward
    Trevor Ennis – SUBGoalie
    Kye Kendall – SUBDefense, Forward
    Adam Watson – SUBGoalie
    Matt Young – SUBDefense, Forward
    Steve Nelson – SUBDefense, Forward
    Tyson Hicks – SUBGoalie
    Bob Thompson – SUBDefense, Forward
    Kyle Wiltzen – SUBDefense, Forward
    Trevor Gawryluk – SUBDefense, Forward
    Erik Ottosen – SubForward
    Cruz Tasker – SubForward
    Dean Abbott – SubDefense, Forward
    Shelby Nichol – SubDefense
    Isaac Bale – SubForward
    Kyle Jones – SubDefense, Forward
    Kasey Ruel – SubDefense, Forward
    Adam Watson – SubDefense, Forward
    Michael Buerge – SubsDefense, Forward
    Tyler Rumpel – SubsDefense, Forward
    Amy Johnson – SubsDefense, Forward
    Logan Tracy – SubsGoalie
    Alex Laforest – SubsDefense, Forward
    James Scarborough – SubsDefense, Forward
    Jack Froehler – SubsDefense, Forward
    Tara Dickson – SubsDefense, Forward
    Dustin Porteous – SubsGoalie
    Rueben Massey – SubGoalie
    Tyler Kerr – SubDefense, Forward
    Riley Shambrook – SubDefense, Forward
    Kyle Nichols – SubDefense, Forward
    Cameron Robinson – SubDefense, Forward
    Garrett Staples – SubDefense, Forward
    James Vandal – SubDefense, Forward
    Troy Neilson – SubDefense, Forward
    Shea Anjo – SubDefense, Forward
    Quinn Fogtmann – subGoalie
    Jason Luszczek – SubDefense, Forward
    Stu Tunheim – SubGoalie
    Josh Ellis – SubDefense, Forward
    Julien Gibson -SubDefense, Forward
    Brady Coles – SubDefense, Forward
    Noah Gendron – SubGoalie
    Jamie Burniston – SubDefense, Forward
    Foley Kappel – SubDefense, Forward
    Brodie Rutherglen – SubDefense, Forward
    Cody King – SubDefense, Forward
    Andrew Tracey -SubGoalie
    Jack Surgenor -SubsGoalie
    Ethan Hutton – SubGoalie

    Skater Statistics

    Intermediate League
    1Erik Ottosen – SubIce Hockey Subs1317112800
    2Michael Buerge – SubsIce Hockey Subs11891741
    3Steve Vanetta – SUBIce Hockey Subs14931220
    4James Vandal – SubIce Hockey Subs4831121
    5Kye Kendall – SUBIce Hockey Subs9651120
    6Jack Froehler – SubsIce Hockey Subs572900
    7Tyler Rumpel – SubsIce Hockey Subs562800
    8Kyle Jones – SubIce Hockey Subs434740
    9Tara Dickson – SubsIce Hockey Subs841520
    10Bob Thompson – SUBIce Hockey Subs622400
    11Isaac Bale – SubIce Hockey Subs722420
    12Shea Anjo – SubIce Hockey Subs413400
    13Trevor Gawryluk – SUBIce Hockey Subs203300
    14Cruz Tasker – SubIce Hockey Subs221300
    15Julien Gibson -SubIce Hockey Subs230300
    16Kasey Ruel – SubIce Hockey Subs721321
    17Jason Luszczek – SubIce Hockey Subs312300
    18Brodie Rutherglen – SubIce Hockey Subs111220
    19Garrett Staples – SubIce Hockey Subs220200
    20Cameron Robinson – SubIce Hockey Subs111200
    21Riley Shambrook – SubIce Hockey Subs9112163
    22James Scarborough – SubsIce Hockey Subs7112101
    23Josh Ellis – SubIce Hockey Subs210100
    24Eric Roy – SUBIce Hockey Subs310100
    25Foley Kappel – SubIce Hockey Subs110100
    26Alex Laforest – SubsIce Hockey Subs210100
    27Amy Johnson – SubsIce Hockey Subs301100
    28Jamie Burniston – SubIce Hockey Subs101100
    29Adam Watson – SubIce Hockey Subs401120
    30Brady Coles – SubIce Hockey Subs201141
    31Steve Nelson – SUBIce Hockey Subs201120
    32Troy Neilson – SubIce Hockey Subs201100
    33Kyle Nichols – SubIce Hockey Subs100000
    34Tyler Kerr – SubIce Hockey Subs100000
    35Shelby Nichol – SubIce Hockey Subs500041
    36Dean Abbott – SubIce Hockey Subs200020
    37Kyle Wiltzen – SUBIce Hockey Subs300000
    38Max Witthoeft – SUBIce Hockey Subs100000
    39Cody King – SubIce Hockey Subs100021

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